Online dating in college?

Should I try out online dating in college? Have u guys tried it before?


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  • Sure, why not?
    Try a Reputable site that you can either afford or is free here, dear.
    Even though you are in college, It is always fun to meet new people, Even if it is chatting with Everyone online, From the comfort of your own dorm or apartment.
    A man from Egypt found me on FB a long time ago, And after getting to know him better on Skype, I flew over to be with him. On my second trip, We then tied the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    Things have changed a lot since those days, However, I still belong to a Free Dating Site that I became a member on six years ago.
    Good luck. xx

  • You can, but I don't see why you would. College gives you a million opportunities to meet a significant other, though to be honest I think most students are on the apps anyways. I actually matched with someone on a dating app who I didn't realize went to my school and was friends with all of my friends and we had a little thing for a bit lol


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