Girls, is it sad I have given up?

Is it sad I have given up

Ok so I'm 24 never had a girlfriend. I just find myself eating all the time I'm quickly gaining weight I was kinda lean and fit but it's gone now I figured why did it matter if women wasn't gonna notice me anyway. Just yesterday I ate till I passed out

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  • ok not good to do that to yourself. no matter how depressed you are feeling. There are other ways to relief stress the right way. Is there anyone you can talk to about anything your going through in life? if not, listen to us when we say NEVER GIVE UP. Go back to the gym and stay focused on getting your body back. Its a mindset. There is someone for everyone. If you don't like how you look, change it. Make sacrifices bc life is too short to choose to be unhappy by not really trying to make yourself. Self pitty and negative thoughts are just gonna put you in a much more deeper depressed state and unwilling to try. You are an amazing person im sure. Just work on you and really try to be positive and work out 5 days a wee, drink lots of water, take yourself out to places you enjoy like I do to enjoy you. Choose to be uplifted than down bc of what you are wanting. I do understand when you want something so bad and its just not happening that you loose hope. Im there now too; however, I am consistently working out and going out with my friend and focusing more on friendship than a relationship with guys that way it happens naturally.

    You can do it, ok? Find things you enjoy to be okay with your life now and again, get back in the gym and really be determined. :)

    • All I ever wanted was a girl to love me

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    • I try to at 24 sometimes I just feel like stuff is passing me by

    • alright I tried

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