Should I call him or just forget about the whole thing?

Okay we are supposed to go out on a date tomorrow, he said he was gonna contact me. A couple days have gone by and he hasn't should I call him or just forget about the whole thing?

I was the one that initiated the date and I followed up a couple days later and he still wanted to go... I don't know what to do because he hasn't said anything!


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  • Call him and set the date. Specific time and place. Don't be too depressed though if he doesn't show up, sounds like he could be a flake.

    • Yeah I think he may be a flake he told me he only has two hours because he has other thing to do, I am just calling the whole thing off! I am p*ssed off cause I wasted my effing time.

    • Sorry it didn't work out. You definitely deserve better tho! Keep looking.

    • He called me back and apologized, told me that he was gonna clear his schedule to make time for me... now I just feel guilty!

  • You should just call him because most guys like attention from girls


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