He hasn't text me in a week?

Started out so well. He told his friends about me, we really liked each other, went on 3 dates and everything was perfect. We were so honest and open to each other, great communication.

He said after a few dates he would consider me his girlfriend and asked when we would tell our parents. We haven't had sex yet, he's a virgin and 19.

Date 3 he told me he's gonna be busy with school. Date 3 was like the other 2 it went really well and we were both feeling the vibe. However a few weeks ago Texting and communication slowly decreased, i started the convo a few times, and they were short and way less emotionally involved ( although he sent a few hearts and called me bae and nicknames) as of yesterday and we haven't talked in a week.

Was that a polite way of saying he doesn't wanna see me anymore? Date 3 everything went really well and he kept up conversation and stared at me the whole night and we kissed

I know he is busy with school but on fb it says he is active and on snapchat his score went up by a few, yet he's on social media and hasn't liked my instagram posts or any fb posts, hasn't text or snapchatted me

Can someone be THAT busy that they cannot take 2 seconds to send a txt? Or is he putting me on back burner for when school is over and everything will resume? I dont see him talking to other girls on social media

I started talking to other guys making it look like i dont care and i moved on. Or is that back firing?


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  • Well it is exam season. I wouldn't be surprised if he is putting you on hold so he can focus. The question is do you mind that?

  • Nah I wouldn't wait up for him. If I'm not texting a girl back in at least a day, then she isn't that important to me, let alone a whole week, what is he in a coma?
    When a girl doesn't text me back within a day, I cut ties with her, not even going to waste my time.

    • its not really a case of texting "back." our convo just ended on snapchat this time by me because he wrote bae <3 and then I wrote :) and he hasn't text me since or started a convo

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    • once in a while is cool, if you text him first everyday, major turn off.

    • ok maybe. im kinda nervous. i feel like he doesn't like me

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