Girls if I get very few matches on Tonder does that mean I'm unattractive?

Girls if I get very few matches on Tonder does that mean I'm unattractive?

I am picky on there but I've worn out the 100 mile radius in a university town with like 10 matches;

I do shave my head because I lost my hair so I get that factors but at the same time I've heard plenty say that on Tinder girls only go for the ultra attractive and its viewed more as a game. Don't know why I added those last two voting options guess it seemed dumb to post a poll anyway as opinions are what I want. Are girls as picky in person as on Tinder.

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  • No that doesn't mean you're unattractive looking, most girls don't take RTinder too seriously it won't be that bad in real life aproaches
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  • Girls take Tibser seriously enough that with that few matches you should worry
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  • You're unattractive from your pic
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  • You're attractive from your pic
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I have heard it's mostly a game to a lot of people.
It's strange there's been so few actually stating anything about Tinder and I have to be curious if the unattractive votes come from the lack of hair.


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  • You're unattractive from your pic

  • Unfortunately as a guy your competition is a million times worse online than offline. Most girls get bombarded with massive amounts of messages everyday. You just get lost in a sea of profiles of other dudes who are just sending messages to every girl they see. Honestly online dating I think is actually harder for men even shy men than offline dating is because most women get messages online probably more than they get hit on in real life.

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