Summer loving...Ended so fast?

This school year was great because my crush (of about 6 years.Yea I know pitiful) did a lot of stuff except say I LIKE YOU. The first semester of this year he always would make flirtatious remarks to me. One time my desk was in his way so he just moved my desk (with me in it) out of his way, Then he turned around and said oh I am sorry then playfully punched me. He did stuff like that. Second semester we didn't have classes together, so it was hard to tell if he still liked me (if he did to begin with) or what. We would pass in the halls and he would almost everyday make eye contact with me, sometimes for 5 seconds or so. He talked to me maybe twice, but each time he always looked me in the eye. On this site, some people said he might have gotten shy around me (since he talked to me a lot first semester) because he realised how much he liked me. But I caught him frequently move around people so he could see me better. Yesterday we both looked up and made eye contact then looked away real fast. But anyway. So it sounds like he likes me? And I have known him forever and I can remember stuff and the way he used to act around me and my mom has always said he liked me. Now school is over in 2 days and it is summer. I am just worried that if he did like me this year, he won't anymore because of summer. Would he forget about me? I know I have liked him too long to forget about him, so I will still like him next year I am sure. It might dwindle down over the summer but when I see him again next year I know I will like him a lot. But I am just wondering about him. Would he stop liking me and stop doing flirtatious stuff to me? Does it even sounds like he likes me based on what I have said? What do you think? Thanks!


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  • Well it may have been a school year fling. But if he likes you now most likely he will like you later. Hope every thing works out for you.



    have good summer.