Would you date me if I was the only other person on Earth?

You. Me. The cosmos.

If you're a guy I refuse to be bottom. <3



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  • Nope, the only man I have ever felt attracted to was this guy
    But if you aren't Freddie Mercury. don't even try

    • Considering everyone is dead I'm sure I could find a mask and some apparel that would satisfy. I mean if you like it when people dress up I guess that's just a fetish.

    • Nope, just freddie mercury
      If you aren't the greatest voice in rock music then you need not ever try

    • Shit.

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  • Being probably that there is nothing edible on the planet because something that leaves only two people would be very deadly. I'd kill you and eat you.

    • Now why do you figure that the lack of humanity indicates the lack of resources? AFter all if you kill and eat me you won't have anyone to help gather wood for our cuddle fires at night.

      And subsequently die.

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    • >_> In your post-apocalyptic description there's nothing edible so there's no fish, no trees, and definintely no way to m... Fuck it, a zombie eats you, I win.

    • I can make a gun and shoot them. Haha the fish in my freezer are good xD

  • I wouldn't date you and just kill you and claim victory as the winner of earth.

    • Oh. Well... I mean I can't really do anything about that.

  • If you were the only person on earth, then you're the last human, so no I can't date you when I'm dead.

    • >_> Only other. I actually checked to see if I mistyped it.

    • Sorry my bad. I guess yeah, I have no other choice.


  • No but I guess we could be friends

    • I can cope with that.

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