What is going onnnnn? what do I do?

We used to talk 24/7 and now even when we talk he just don't seem in the conversation...

If I try and start a conversation (text) it ends after 1 or 2 messages.

But then he does stuff like texts me at 1am saying that he screenshot my snap chat story (which had disappeared by then) because i looked hot.

Then he doesn't talk for a day again.

He's back on the weekend and hopefully we'll get to hang out but I don't know what to do to fix this issue while he is home?


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  • Sounds like he has a job with a graveyard shift OR he's a hardcore partier. Maybe he only wants to hookup? What sounds reasonable to you? Actions speak for themselves. If he says you look hot and stuff... but doesn't talk to you and care to know about you... sex is his motive.

    • He's been by boyfriend for almost a year…

    • Then... he's just REALLY busy or possibly losing interest :'( Ask him!!! Make plans to see each other.

    • He lives away but is back this weekend. I'm scared of having the conversation and i don't really know what to say...