Girls, Why did she suddenly ignore me?

So I met up with my friends. They introduced me to a friend of theirs. She teased me playfully at first while touching my arm. We smiled and all had a good time.

A few days later, I was at our work-lab building. I was doing my work on a bench and she came up and said "Hi" while smiling at me. I smiled back and said 'Hi'. She then found a place next to me and sits there to do her work. I had to go out , so I leave for a few minutes then come back.

I see her sitting there and she smiles at me. I strike up a short conversation and we talk about general things ( what she does, her plans) although I honestly felt nervous as I found her "Hot'. I was laughing a bit and moving my legs quite a bit as well.
Then she said "O. k, nice to meet you" and I left.

A few days later I saw her again and she sat close to me but didn't say "Hi' or anything. What have I done wrong. I was nice to her.

So what do you think my mistake was?


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  • She possibly didn't feel there was chemistry or that you the conversation was that interesting. It only takes one bad conversation for a girl to lose interest in a second.

    • Thanks :) Do you think she was interested in me first? How can I correct my mistake , coz I have this situation with a lot of random girls who approach me /

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    • That's irrelevant to your situation.

    • fair enough :)) Thanks for your patience !!

  • Ok. You obviously like her. What kind of stuff did you two talk about? She might have been busy. It's not a big deal. Try talking to her again.

    • Thanks :)

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    • Sure... but it was ok :)

    • so it didn't make you nervous/uncomfortable?

  • If she sat down next to you, maybe she was waiting for you to say hi?

    • Thanks :) But she saw me first and didn't say "Hi" . So I am not really sure.