Is he a gentleman? or pretending to be a gentleman?

Been on 5 dates with this cancer man and all dates last for over 6 hours. We just have heaps to talk about and on our last date we showed up in similar outfit without planning.

We kissed on third date and since then we have been making out a little like hand touching each other back and such, but we have never been to each other's place.

On the fifth date he slide his hand into my back pocket for about 10 secs. He kept bringing up how people assume we are a couple and he seem to like it, He added we are only on 5th date and we are very comfortable to talk about everything, most official couple can't even do the same.

He told me he attempted to kiss me on first date was to let me know he likes me. I told him I don't kiss stranger, he said its cool and he respected that and let me kiss him when I was ready. He added sex can only happen when there's that emotional closeness, he didn't care about it when he was younger, but once you experience it you know you can only do it when you are ready. Not sure if he was telling me things that I want to hear or he meant it?

He already asked me out for 6th date, we haven't met each other friends nor have the talk yet


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  • There's always the chance he's telling you what you want to hear. If he's a gentleman he wouldn't bring it up again on your next date. Or at least let yóu take the lead.


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  • I like Your Slow with his Flow her, dear, And with Nursing and Nurturing Something Special that seems to be Working for the Both of You... I feel he Could be a Potential Mate who was Once a date.
    He seems to be a Straight Shooter, Someone who s your own type. He doesn't appear to be playing any games, He enjoys the time you spend, and is showing respect in all the right places.
    In time, When it comes to Meeting 'Each other friends' even, I know he will do This because This just may tell you he is Ready for something More Steady
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks sis, I wonder when would he include the friend thing, I guess he was already up for meeting mine, if mine didn't bail LOL

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      I was watching a TV show earlier about plastic surgery where as the two doctors had to tell a transgender female that they could only do so much to repair her breasts, they mentioned that whether she was male at birth or having been born female with this body structure her breasts could not look any better as her body structure wouldn't allow for it. After her surgery though there was a marked improvement. I think I would have been satisfied with their results they got for her, she had the expectation of having a defined space between the breast that laid flat yet all they could do was add space

    • between the two and it's one example that feminism doesn't get, we are both male and female different. You can bridge the gap but cannot change who we are on a DNA level, just yet.

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  • He sounds great and like he is taking you seriously!! WHY are you doubting things, I wish I had this! Because you two are getting along so great he is taking you very seriously and that is why he is taking it slow. Actions speak louder than words and his actions are matching his words, so he means them. He sounds great and respectful. For me, the fact he talked about having a strong emotional attachment for sex might make sex awkward the first time, like it is this huge emotional thing when I prefer passionate cannot keep hands off each other at first, but that is just me. Above all else I would want respect though, and that is what he is giving you! Relax and hang on to this one!!

    • I was doubting things because he is different to everyone I have dated. Also when he asked if my committment phobe ex asked me to be exclusive but refused to call me girlfriend was before or after sex. I thought he could be testing the water to see if I'm wiling to have sex before relationship. i told him before sex my ex had the exclusive talk with me.

      Then he added you are better off without your ex, he can't make anyone happy.

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    • We had some misunderstanding the other day but all sorted. It was something small like I thought he was going to get a ticket for soemtbing. He then said he could hear I'm disappointed so he offers a raincheck.

      I rang him up and asked him what's going on? As soon as we hear each other's voice no more misunderstanding. Text is not a way to communicate. It's a way to avoid communication. Cos all our misunderstanding starts from text.

      When we saw each other or talk on phone we couldn't stop laughing. People at restaurant often look at us and smiling. Not sure if our happiness is so contagious, or we laughed so loud and often which is hilarious to watch us. Hehe

      We cuddled and talk he said he already lost track of how many times we saw each other. He said in a few months you will be telling me it's only the 52 times I saw you. I said 52? We only see each other once a week. He said its ok at the beginning but I will like to see you more later on.

    • Physically he is now comfortable to touch the skin of my lower back and collar bone. He is moving very slowly and steadily. Haha

      He was very naughty he asked me which bedroom should he take when he move next week he said one bedroom is better for sex haha

      He also said I will meet his roommate. So yes everything sounds good. Like you said guys look at it differently since he lost track of how many times we met haha

      He said things like the night sky in small town is really beautiful it's 2 days drive. I feel like he is hinting we shoudl go. I'm not sure how to let him know I like to go. Do I just ask him so when are you going? Can you take me? Hehe

  • He sounds like a gentleman from the way you have described him, yes. It's good that he has respected your boundaries so far with kissing and sex.

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