Why do girls like older guys, crush rejected me and is dating this older college guy, I'm almost 18 she's 17 and the guy she's now seeing is 20, why?

Is there anything I can do? I'm really sad and angry, I thought she liked me but oh well, why would she choose the older guy? Do you think they would have sex too?


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  • No, there is nothing you can do.
    How are we supposed to know why she chose him?
    Yes, I think they will definitely have sex.
    You should get over it.

    • No I won't, shame on you, bad girl.

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    • So what, mate? Who needs a girl nowadays? It's more trouble than bliss :p.

    • Can I have you pwease 😗, I promise I'm a good boy 😇, I'm not like the others.

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  • how do you know his age had anything to do with it?

    • Because I overheard her talking about it

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  • the usual answer thrown around a lot is..

    "older men are more mature"

  • This is not much if an age difference. If he counts as an older guy, then so do you.
    And yeah, he is busting all kinds of nuts in her pussy and ass, maybe while your reading this. Lol jk. Im sorry i had to.. Why the f did you even ask that man, let it go.. There will be plenty of girls for you.