How often should I text my crush?

I don't wanna annoy him and he ussually texts back Immediately (ifs it's a question or a hey not like a statement) Were pretty close and he never really has an excuse expect for once but that was for homework and he wasn't cuz my friend even said they did (I'm homeschooled he's in public school) how often should I text him and i ussually have to text first or he'll try to keep a convo
(And depending on the friend I ussually text everyday) and how do I keep a conversation I noticed he always awnsers question

I meant he was doing homework😂
Oh I only see him like once or twice a week cuz I'm homeschooled he isn't


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  • Do what ever feels comfortable. If you think that your doing it to much then slow down a bit.

  • does he know you like him

    • Nope my neighbor said I did and he doesn't believe me cuz apparently my neighbor lies a lot

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    • Nope cuz I tried and he kinda maybe panicked and didn't really text back until I made up sometype of excuse and said did it make u mad or weirded out? He said not rally

    • tell him w/ a big tight hug =)

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  • It's funny because a lot of guys and women will say how they don't like being ignored.

    However, how many of them have ignored messages? Simply because the person they were talking to "over-texted" them. They get bored, tbh.

    Just do it when you have the time and try not to "over" text.

  • about every 5 mminutes text him

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