Should I tell her?

I'm 16 in my junior year of high school and the past three years have been the worst of my life. And I was in a depression for two years, I didn't start cutting until after one year but not to relieve pain but because I hated myself cause I knew it's nobody's fault but my own I was in that situation. But 7 months ago I finally got my first girlfriend. She's the nicest and most beautiful girl I've ever seen but because of that I had to rush with asking her out cause I knew I had 2 days max to ask her out or she'll say yes to someone else. I got super lucky and she said yes. Our relationship has gone very well and I had my first kiss with her last week. She says she loves me all the time but I haven't said it back yet, I'm sure I love her now but I'm not sure how I should say it, I want it to be special just like she made my first kiss special. How do I make it special?


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