My boyfriend purposely ignoring me?

We have been together for 2 years. We had a lot of fights, and it's always something every week with us.

We had a good weekend until Sunday he got mad at me for touching these pencils he had. He was really rude to me about not touching them. I didn't understand why he had to be rude about it, and took them out my hands. I walked home from his house, because I didn't appreciate his behavior towards me. I texted him how he was a really rude asshole and that he needed to stop mistreating me. He said he knows he's an asshole. He kept pushing my frustrations aside and kept sending those peace sign emotes. I told him that I'm tired of being the one to fix the relationship or being the one to voice everything, and he just act aloof about it. It has been two days now, and he still hasn't texted me. Like, I don't understand. What the hell should I do?

I also told him he doesn't deserve to be in a relationship if this is how he treats people.
He also kept saying how the pencils were very special to him, but he wouldn't explain why. Plus, they were just laying out in a basket, so for something he values a lot, he sure doesn't put them in a nice place.


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  • Some things are just special to some people... i can understand his POV...
    he probably just got caught up in the moment, you should also realize that you should also cool down, walking off doesn't really help that. (thats like someone touching my computer the wrong way, i'd snap) doesn't mean its a constant thing, people like what they like. just apologize and say you didn't realize what was so special, i bet you he will do the same too...

    • But he has been mistreating me lately. And over pencils has been his lowest so far.

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    • Cool, thank you. :)

    • no problem ma'am, happy ignoring...

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  • Leave? Why are you fighting all the time.. And if he's an asshole why are you sticking around? It doesn't sound like a big deal to me. Not to put all the blame on him, it just sounds like you two aren't compatible and have trouble communicating. Like he doesn't want you to touch the pencils and you go and touch the pencils and he gets mad and you get mad and then neither of you really come to a conclusion or a fix to it.. And he doesn't sound like he gives you the communication you want from him soooo I don't quite get why you keep fighting for this?

    • I don't get it, either. I figured that we went through a lot, that we should be able to work things out. Plus, I do love him. I don't know.

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    • If you see no change in him then evaluate whether or not your effort it worth it. I hope he does listen to you more though. I think you're both capable of fixing this, it just needs some time and attention from you both. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the advice! :)

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  • Hmmm, ok the pencils were petty to you, but significant to him for whatever reason. Did you apologize at all for messing with the pencils?

    • I just touched them. When he came in the room, he threw an absolute fit about it. For something that must of been special, he sure didn't put them in a special place. And he never had a problem with me touching them previously.

    • And no I didn't, because it was never a problem before. Plus, he was rude as hell.

  • If he is he has a reason to. Give him a week or two and then call him or walk over to his house to talk. Girl two days is nothing he might even just be busy. If he has to fix it then he will when he is ready.

    • We two people in a relationship, we shouldn't be like this. We should be able to talk it out. All he does is act like it never happened or expect for me to break the silence.

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    • I've been trying really hard on my part.

    • I'm sure you have been

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  • Sounds like he has anger issues especially if he is going to disrespect you and be mean to you over pencils. Do you even still want to be with him if he's like this?

    • He recently lost a parent, so he's been out of character for a few months now. But everytime I try to talk to him, he pushes me aside or just respond with one word texts. It seems like he doesn't care about our relationship anymore. Yet, he would keep buying me things.

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    • If it were me Id leave him then. Communication is very important in any relationship and its not a one way street it takes two people for a successful and happy relationship

    • Thank you, at least I know I'm not going insane here.

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