Does he likes me or he's just nice?

Its complicated. I rejected him quite a long time ago, because I wasn't sure his feelings were real and well... I was scared of being hurt. I still thought every day of him and now we're hanging out again with our friends. He texts me and says he's upset when I'm leaving earlier, teases me like never to speak with him if I leave and stuff. I don't know what to get from this. He talks very nice with girls, he really knows how it should, I don't know if I'm just one of them or if I'm more for him. Other significant thing is that I just rejected one of his best friends and I can't show what I feel, I can't give him hints... It wouldn't be nice and I don't want to mess their friendship. But I really like him a lot. A lot! And I don't know what's up with him, what's in his head. It sucks. What should I do? X


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  • You sound conflicted there hon... and *sniiiiifff*... a scent of trust issues... you didn't reject him because you didn't like him, you rejected him because the future wasn't certain. You would be putty in a real player's (me) hands... easy bait.
    Just take the risk, its not like he's faking to you, he's nice to everyone (according to you) but he took time out to single you out, just for you to shoot him down... ask him out... or miss out on one of those "nice" guys...


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  • ... I rejected him quite a long time ago.
    perhaps Now Somehow, here, dear, He is being cautious and not taking Any chances in Wearing his own Heart on his Sleeve, Should you leave. He is playing it cool and as far as the Others, He could be just trying to get you jealous.
    Are you sure he doesn't know about his Bud and you Both? Guys talk sometimes like Gossipy Girls.
    Good luck. xx

  • You won't know if you don't give him a chance. You can't be afraid forever. At some point, you have to be brave. Otherwise, he could end up being the one that got away. If you find out that he's just a nice guy at the end result, at least you would know and you can move on without having him in your mind everyday.

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