If you're around your boyfriend/girlfriend and you feel like farting, would you hold it in or would you rip ass?

  • I would hold it in because it would still be too embarassing for me, despite how much my BF/GF doesn't mind.
  • I would hold it in because my BF/GF would most likely get mad at me and nag.
  • I would let one rip because I need to really bad and my BF/GF needs to respect that.
  • I would let one rip just to get my BF/GF mad.
  • Others
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  • I let it out, because I feel comfortable around him to do it. He does the same around me. And I think it's the best feeling knowing that you can feel that comfortable around someone; that you managed to overcome those awkward stages of the relationship, and being able to be your natural-self.


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  • i would let it rip i know my girl friend i used to do that and called them air biscuits lol i guess its just who your around or how your family or there family see's farting.