Have you ever cried in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend and felt so comfortable even when you thought you wouldn't?


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  • Crying is for pussys

    • no its not... crying is simple the effect the body gives off when someone is sad or etc. so stop saying that crying is for pussys. have u never cried? if not your not human cause crying is apart of life

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    • hello your making it sound as if crying is a bad thing... oh! let me guess is it because your a guy? u think that if certain person's know you cry they would make fun of you if so then those person's are small minded. you need to stop thinking like that

    • Maybe your right but still I won't cry not in front of friends, family, or a significant other. I will hold my feelings to myself, I am not a cry baby and I am not a coward.

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  • Yes, I mean I don't l like crying infront of anyone really, but I do feel comfortable.