When should you cut a girl?

Hi everyone met this girl last month , she seemed real , met her while she was in my city, she's in Sydney I'm in Melbourne , all of a sudden , she stopped replying to my snap chats , sent her a text yesterday no reply , but she liked my Facebook profile pic , 2 days ago. Cut? I'm pretty sure it's the right thing to do and not waste my time


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  • Maybe she's just really really why?
    Nevertheless you probably don't have time for that or care about

    • What's really really why?

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    • Oh she most definitely saw them. Maybe she was just too nervous to respond?
      I always say never move on until she flat out says no. You don't wanna throw away a possible good thing just because of some miscommunication

    • Too nervous? She never seemed nervous before il leave it for a few days no response then I'm deleting her from phone and face book

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  • Yeah, cut. When she stops replying, it's when you start forgetting. Don't waste for that, listen to the wise black lady.


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  • when you don't want to be with her any more

  • You answered your own question. She's obviously avoiding you but still wants attention from you that's why she liked your picture. You don't got time for these childish games. Just move on and find someone better.

  • Never. They'll bleed :P JK!
    In all honesty, if she is causing drama and grief, cut her! Life is too short for crap like that.


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