He says we are friends who have occasional sex so why is he acting jealous?

This guy Eric and I established after about 4 months of dating that we are not in a relationship - we are super close friends with benefits. We didn't say that in so many words but that's me reading between the lines. While I am completely OK with that, I think he has deeper feelings for me than he's letting on. We went to a restaurant last night and the waiter was definitely coming on to me. Eric caught the last part of the flirtatious behavior after he came back from the bathroom and got really upset. He told him to cut it out and later told me it was because he "didn't like the guy".

Why would he say that if he doesn't see me as more than just a deeply connected friend? He has admitted to having strong feelings for me but classifies them weirdly; like he'll say he really cares about me but has a hard time putting a label on it.


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  • lol smh there are way too many guys like this, and im starting to wonder what is going on with this world that people are so afraid to be committed. Its sad. But anyways, yeah, It doesn't mean anything but him getting jealous. That's it. y'all are intimate and im sure he likes you. so of course, he is not gonna like when another guy is flirting with you. Its not like he just met you and didn't know you really. I mean, he has been having relations with you for 4 months. he is just not ready to be your man bc he is not ready to have to be committed to you for whatever his reasons are. He told you that and that's exactly what he means. So getting jealous and stuff is normal esp if he is a jealous type of guy and clearly he is. Try not to overthink anything bc it will drive you crazy tryin to figure what this and that means. Therefore, you do know that he cares about you but does not want to be in a serious relationship with you right now. maybe in the future. Who knows


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  • Stupid guy, he just won't admit his feelings. Definitely likes you


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