This girl was in my college class and we never talked but just said hi and the usual greetings, I was busy and focused on school, can I add her on fb?

She pooped into my feed and I remembered her, is it okay to friend her, it was such a long time ago since we were in the college class and by long time I mean really long time, is it cool or is it weird to maybe friend her and message her? After seeing her pop into my feed I clicked on her profile and see that we both have a lot of the same likes and aspirations etc is it cool or no?


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  • "pooped into my feed"

    • 😭😭😭😭, popped

    • Honestly these days nobody cares if you add on Facebook. Unless they overthink everything. In which case they're probably gonna overthink everything even without you adding them on Facebook so what's the harm in making them overthink one more thing?

    • True, and yea I'm probably overthinking this right now lol, thanks man

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  • It's Facebook, most people have hundreds of strangers as friends, it's not weird. She'll accept or she won't.

    • Would you accept me on Facebook as a stranger, not that I'm gonna friend request you lol 😂, do you have any people that are kind of strangers, like they work at your workplace but don't personally know you and friend you?

    • I only use to talk to family. No strangers. I'm not most people. I hate social media.

    • Oh lol I don't blame you for hating it, thank you for taking the time to respond :).

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