Was this appropriate to do?

I am told men cry and whine when they are rejected. There was a girl who I had classes with last semester, and I noticed her point me out to her friends on several occasions. Last week I asked her out and she said okay, but on Friday she said via text "I don't want any sort of relationship with you!" So I said "Okay, thanks for being honest. I appreciate it, but I don't appreciate you pointing me out to your friends I have seen you do it on several occasions, and these people obviously know who I am." I then described the people she pointed me out to. Was I wrong to do this? Whenever I have been rejected I just try to say something funny to help stop the tension, but this just caught me off guard, and I am wondering if I was right to say this?


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  • You are just fine, you let her know that you don't like the way she... Somewhat led you on. If she didn't want anything, she shouldn't have agreed to going out with you in the first place. Especial if she's always pointing you out to her friends. Now that on the other hand can mean a number of things, like she could think you're cute, you could be getting made fun of for having something on your face, and so on. Just keep that in mind heh.


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  • That was a bad move. She was probably not even pointing you out, it made you sound butthurt and a little narcissistic.

    • Oh I should mention at the bar she pointed me out, and I looked and her friends laughed and said "HAHA he looked at us." Then my friend told me she has been talking about me to her friends

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