I don't know what to do about these two guys?

Okay so one of them is my ex of 3 months we were together for over two years almost 3. We still talk, our 2nd month into our break up, we slept together about 3 times. I felt partly bad because I felt like he'd loose respect for me. But at the same time I feel like I would feel dirty if I went a slept woth someone random. He was my first for everything. Ultimately eachieve time he'd tell me I was not a booty call and that he loved me. However the 2 reasons we aren't together is he's taken some habbits like smowing and drinking and because he has some experiences he wants but doubts all support ifor we are together some friends some of this is true. Some i believe he just can't make up his mind because the single life is more easy.
In our 3 month break up I've gone out but not technically on dates, with a guy friend of mind. We never slept together and really we never flirted thought I noticed in the 5-7 times we've hung out alone. He's been touchy and we did cuddle once. Yesterday he offered to take me home after accidentally squishiNG a blunt I planned to buy from him. In the end we ended up going to the park, smoking, then going to eat at potbelly's and lastly he drove me home. He parked so I assumed he wanted to talk, we did, eventually he was being playful and out faces came close. He kissed me and it took a second time for me to kiss him back. This kiss started off soft and turned into a make out session that lasted from around 7 to 8:3at some point I giggled out of being nervous, and he asked "what? You won't take a guy serious?" But kissed me again. He didn't touch down there or try anything more. However when my mother asked me where I was he asked for 15 more min I basically didn't go inside till 9. I planned to hug him goodbye but he kissed me again. I will not deny I find him attractive and like him. But unlike my ex I can not say I love him. Yes I am still a good amount in love with my ex (please read update)

A part of me will always love my ex, we were and tech are still best friends however my ex would keep implying we have a chance to get back together after high school. In some level it's tempting I don't want to throw away those years. And this other guy is new and I'm not sure what to think about him yet. Also when we made out he was aggressive which I like but it had been so rough my lips were swollen after from bitiNG.
I didn't mind it but I felt it was noticable, he talked to me today but didn't mention anything about the kiss, even though in the past when we talk he says he wants somethiNG serious with someone. He knows me and my ex still talk. However I'm in a way terrified my ex will go balistic if he finds out about what happened or that I'm talkiNG to this other guy. Should I be honest with them both or keep things to myself because I'm single and not cuffed


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  • Maybe take some time to yourself and figure out what it is you want in a boyfriend and don't compromise yourself.

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