Is he interested/should I initiate the next date?

I've been dating this guy for about 2.5 weeks and we've been on four dates. We've had sex because we had a lot of chemistry and it just felt right. He asked to get together a couple more times but had to cancel because of his job (he works in investment banking and has crazy hours). We've talked almost everyday for the past couple of days, except for two and he initiates most of the convos and all the dates.
Even though he hasn't texted me today, he wouldn't talk to me this long if he wasn't interested... right?
He seems like he kinda likes the chase haha, but should I initiate the next date?


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  • He's in investment banking? They work literally all the fucking time, as you know of course. The fact that he even responds to you and goes out is proof he is interested haha.

  • If he's that busy he's probably not thinking about you lol. Sometimes you just get in that zone of working and you forget to eat or respond to people. Send him this
    My house
    Maybe more?


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