How to make conversations with women longer?

So, as I have stated numerous times, I'm not experienced at all when it comes to dealing with women. I've never dated or tried to date anyone, and I'm rather clueless on how to proceed. The summer semester is about to start at my college, and I want to try to being to change things with how I approach women. I've been told "get her to talk about herself","talk about things in common or around you"etcetera, etcetera. Problem is, it never works. I guess I need a more detailed explanation than just "talk about (x)" or "ask (y)" or "get her talking about (z)". I guess i need a example conversation in order to understand how to apply x, y, and z into a actual conversation. I've also noticed that because I'm a rather reserved person, i have a terrible time keeping the conversation alive. In my last question i asked how to get a particular girls number, and I want to make sure that when I do talk to this woman I want her to enjoy talking to me. I don't want to be shown pity or rejected because my conversation skills are lacking. Any and all help is appreciated, but above all else, Thank you.


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  • Have you studied how "players" approach or converse with women? That will help. you don't have to be a player or treat them that way, but they've decoded women.
    It is really about being in the moment, being confident in yourself, not giving a dam how it goes (you are good without her or with her) and being fun. Like, if you can have fun on your own, then she is just joining in the fun... you don't need her. That's your foundation.

    Asking questions about them is generally bad when you don't know them... it feels like an invasion and they get turned off. Talking to them about something and sharing is best. watch some videos...

    • The other thing is to ask open questions of them that are illiciting opinions about relationships. Anything that stimulates an emotoinal thought is good. For example, "I wanted to get a womans perspective on this issue. My friend is dating this girl, and he texted her I Love you, and she didn't reply for like a day, then said, me too. Do you think it means she isn't interested or is unsure? Once they answer, then you can ask followup questions.

      Another classic question is "ask what your friend should do with the old photos of his prior girlfriend. is it ok to have them in a room? etc.." Think of questions like this, then learn to just roll with the conversation. The more fun and dreamy you make it the better because it is more emotional, and that's what girls are... If they are at a bar, they want to get out of their world of misery, so help them!

    • Okay, thanks for the advice.

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  • Learn her interests and suggest topics that she might find interesting.

    • But how am I supposed to converse with her when I don't know those things?

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