To ask, or not to ask?

I'm friends with this guy from work and I really like him. We talk to each other every chance we get at work and we always joke around and laugh too. We've gone out a few times, but he's recently gotten a third job and I barely see him at work now. We both attend the same college too and his dad has met me. We're Facebook friends, but we don't communicate much through texting and what not. We've known each other for over a year and have a lot in common. There is a movie coming out that we both want to see. Should I ask him if he would like to go see it with me? Help?


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  • Yess do it! You only live once. Be like I miss talking to you at work lately. I seen your really busy with your 3rd job. I see this movie is coming out. Wanna go on Friday? Something like that


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