He talks to me every day but doesn't open up to me?

This guy and I have been acquaintances for a long time. I met him while I was with my ex, about 6 years ago, or a little less. We would only run into eachother maybe once every month, almost always with my boyfriend present, so the convo never got too deep. My ex and I dated for 4 years and then once we split this acquaintance began chatting with me online. We have been talking every day since for a year and a half. He finds me attractive and knows I'm attracted to him back. However, when we talk her never gets too personal and doesn't give me a great chance to get to know him. He has told me he has anxiety and also is scarred from toxic relationships in the past but I don't know if this is why. I would think he feels something for me after maintaining contact for this long how he does... But then why won't he let me get to know him better?


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  • I think the reason he is not letting you know him better is because he still doesn't trust you fully, as you said he has been hurt in the past and scarred from relationships before, so it's natural for him to be distrustful towards people, towards women and he is taking his time to make sure he gets it right this time.


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  • Just because he keeps talking to you doesn't mean he "feels something", it just means he enjoys the communication. If after a year and a half he hasn't expressed any desire for anything else, I doubt he wants anything else to happen between you, whether he finds you attractive or not.

    • Well he has mentioned that he's thought about dating before, but is scared of the idea when he thinks about how toxic his past relationships were. He is a reserved person in general And we don't live that close. I am seeing him for the second time in a year soon... and he wants to be intimate to some degree during the trip, but said he doesn't like only hookups either. these things made me think maybe he did have interest but the way he is so closed off makes me question it...

    • He wants to "be intimate" but will only see you twice in a whole year? Sounds like he'll see what he can get but he doesn't want any commitment. I suggest clarifying that before you assume something will come from sleeping with him or whatever you do.

    • We haven't made plans due to the distance and also that I had been dating someone (but not in a relationship) for a few months of that time. That aside, this could be true. I will try to look into his intentions and not assume he wants anything too serious. Thanks for your responses.

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