Is it wrong to have feelings for someone else?

Lets say,

You have a girlfriend, and she is so awesome! You guys laugh, hang out, you guys love each other, make each other feel really good... A healthy relationship.

But you have a coworker, who you talk to and see everyday. You fell in love with this girl, but you just don't know why and find out that she doesn't like you back. After getting closer to her... and now you see her everyday.

I would never cheat or anything on my girlfriend, but I feel very hurt that this co-worker of mine doesn't like me. ( Rejected me)

I have not told my girlfriend about her, sometimes I just ignore her or tell her I am tired when I feel hurt so I don't talk to her.

Is this wrong?

I have a perfect girlfriend, but I had feelings for someone else and they broke my heart and I will never be with them...

I tried to explain the best I could, Thank you.


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  • Well I say that you need to make up your mind right now because that girl that you keep calling perfect thinks that you love her and only her but you don't. You want someone else and that's not fair to her at all. Let her go and let her be with someone that is going to be loyal not go around and trying to get with some other girl. That's the worst thing you could do to that girl. She deserves to be treated with respect so either treat her with respect or leave her and give her a better life where someone will treat her amazingly like she deserves. That's just pathetic.


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  • First of all, whatever you have mentioned will never happen with me. Its just not possible. Now, to answer your question.

    Yes, of course it's wrong to have feelings for someone else while you are in love with your partner ( girlfriend/lover), yes that's morally very wrong. The moment you start having feelings for someone else, the moment someone else comes into the picture, then that's is always a bad sign and it means something is not right somewhere. If that happens you will be caught in between you will neither be able to love your girlfriend nor will you be able to be with the one you like so that's the worst situation you can ever be in.

    You said you have a perfect girlfriend, then how come you had feelings for someone else?, if your partner is perfect then it's not possible that you can even think of someone else, liking them is out of question

    Hence logically speaking you shouldn't like anyone else apart from your girlfriend, you should have feelings for anyone else. However unfortunately these things are based on emotions, feelings and they are very weird indeed and are likely to change anytime and hence are variables.

    Emotions and feelings are also very tricky many times they will try to make you do something that is logically wrong, something that you know you shouldn't do but then you end up doing the very same thing.

    Only it's always important to have control over your emotions, feelings and so you should find a way to keep them under control..

    That's all I can say


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  • Yes its wrong bc you have a girl that you are happy with but you can't help how someone makes you feel; however, you gotta let it go with that coworker bc there is nothing you can do about her not feelin you back, and you shouldn't care about that since you are taken. I know its hard when you say you love her but what can you do about her not feelin the same? nothing and its not worth losing a good thing at home.

    You know what is right and wrong and its wrong to allow more feelings to develop

  • Why do you care that your co worker isn't interested? Something is wrong here.
    I feel bad for your girlfriend personally. If you are in the perfect relationship, no one else matters.


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