How, or what can I do to tell her I wanna take things slow?

I've been cheated on in the past. I've started to date another girl but my bad experience has left me with trust issues & I feel insecure that she will eventually not like me maybe because I have a wall up & wanna protect myself from getting hurt.

But, I don't wanna sound negative or scare her off because I do wanna put effort in. I just think sometimes she gets a bit carried away. For example sometimes when she rings me its not convenient for me, but then I think am I supposed to drop everything for her, you know like a give & take thing?

Any suggestions or real life experiences you have will be appreciated.


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  • you want love then you drop things and you speak to her...
    i dont get it? doesn't sound like you're into her. either you want her and will put in 100% or you let her go and allow her to talk to someone on the phone that isn't you and doesn't have to be "inconvenienced"


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  • Just be upfront and direct about it, however try to be polite while saying that.

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