Girls, Why does this women always stare from a distance and say hello all the time?

ok so this girl who I thought was good looking always catches the tram network after work. So at first we was just casually looking at each other and stuff nothing out of the ordinary but then we would always stare and I must admit I was kind of attracted and I think she could tell. So I backed off and stopped looking at her then I wouldn't catch the tram as often due to working she would still stare at times but I would catch the tram a few stops after our usually stop as I would get a coffee. And her eyes would always light up abit and she would look me up and down. Then I didn't see her for 4 months as I was off work due to breaking my neck. And now when ever I catch the tram which is not as often as before like once every 3 weeks she still kind of stares but she now always says hi when ever I lock eyes when she's says it she goes red? It's just a bit strange how before she would not say a word or avoid my eye contact if I sat really close to her but now she's always saying hi


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  • It's not strange. She has seen you frequently and you've stared at her, so she stared back, and then thought she might as well initiate contact by saying hi, because you're giving her your attention.

    • Well I normally give around 200 girls attention everyday it is strange as I didn't see her for months nor did I continue to stare I stopped wayy before she ever spoke to me

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    • Nope. She just would have noticed you staring at her a lot and decided to initiate contact by saying hi. She has no secret desires because she doesn't know you. But you have a good imagination.

    • Ok lol thank you

  • She thinks you're good looking

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