I kissed her. Why hasn't she said anything?

My ex and I broke up awhile back, but I feel like because I was the one always messing up, I couldn't ask for her back because I already did that twice. And I know I really hurt her by breaking up with her. The thing is, I do like her. She's funny and has a great personality. And she's beautiful and smart and sexy.

I dated someone else, but it didn't last long. Recently, my ex and I have gotten really close. We were at a party and we were talking. She wanted me to stay over (she's a virgin so I knew it would've been pretty innocent). And we ended up talking about our relationship. I kissed her and admitted that I want to stay, too. But then she said it was probably a bad idea so I left.

I texted her the next day and she texted me back. But that was it. She never brought up our conversation at the party. What should I do?


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  • I think she may still be interested in you, but she wants you to pursue her and bring up your 'A' game! If a man dumped me in the past and wanted to reconcile, then he would have to GRAVEL! I know it sounds a little harsh. But sometimes, a woman has to preserve her dignity and self-respect. She has to believe she's worth it! Especially if she is ALL the characteristics you described, funny, sexy, intelligent, and beautiful! It almost sounds as if you were crazy to let someone like that get away in the 1st place.

    My advice: Pursue her like a hungry man who has gone without steak for a year. Make her your top priority. If she doesn't return your calls, continue to call her. Send flowers. Send love notes via text. When she does give in and call you, Let her know that you want a shot at a reconciliation.

    -Good Luck!


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  • It sounds like she still likes you, since you broke you with her and you say you hurt her I think you should be the one to bring up the conversation and tell her how you feel. Maybe she told you staying over wouldn't be a good idea cause she's afraid you guys might fool around but not get serious, so maybe she's just waiting for you to take the first step and talk about it...good luck

  • leave it alone. if she wanted you back, she would say so. no offense, but people should never go back with people who break up with them then ask for them back and repeat the process. it is a waste of a relationship; but its not much of a relationship anyways...


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