Is there a chance I might actually be 'This' good looking?

I had a girlfriend telling me i was extremely good looking before starting college , durin the first few months things were normal i caught some girls staring at me and few seemed more than others (all are super hot btw) , then my female classmates started staring quite a lot at me and talking much more to me and wanted to actually be around me, iam 6'2, light golden tan, jet black hair (nice hiarstyle), light neat beard, i like to dress stylish ( lots of girls told me they like my clothes) and always smell nice i think i have a normal average body but girls say my body is good, I was surprised that few girls i know came to and told me iam seriously good looking and great all over, i even showed them a pic of a dude i know (a pretty handsome male model who is easily 8.5+) and they liked him but thought i was better looking... even an old crush (shes taken) can't keep her eys off me, could it be?

iam not asking to rate me or anything no iam asking what are the chances that it could happen?( i changed a lot after highschool mentally and physically) i see lots of signs but i just dont know what to believe , is there a chance iam actually pretty high up the good looking list?


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  • lol what you think? you know all of that means you are a pretty hot guy. When you look in the mirror, do you not see that? Wish you would upload a pic.

  • Why are u even asking this lol... IF all that really is going on... then you answered your own question... hahaha.

    • he just needs validation. , wants to talk about how good looking he is lol

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    • @Cool4ever5 it never happened to me in the past during highschool even though i admit i was kinda overweight and never cared about my looks, so this kinda confused me.

    • ok HS was the past. Now you are seeing that you are extremely good looking and not fat. So yes you are good-looking now. Enjoy it :) people are known to getting better looking after HS. That is normal. You have grown into a good-looking man. What was is not no more. The reality now is that you are handsome and women are letting you know that by the reactions you are getting. But still stay humble

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