What is wrong with this girl?

I met this girl through a mutual friend she is super pretty. We exchange numbers she knew I was interested and I pursued her. She was being hot and cold we would be texting them one day she will ignore me. I threw out saying I know you want to see me etc we snap chat w pics etc.

finally after a month she text me to meet her. She was out w 2 of her chick friends so I made good with them also. she told me she is not looking for a booty call she just doesn't know what she is looking for well I told her I'm in the same boat and I really like her vibes etc she touched my arm a few times it was great.

Then this guy comes talks to the one I like he was really fat old etc and she went along with it! She started touching his arm etc... Then two of the guys friend came over so she was in the center of 3 guys and left me out. They even exchanged numbers and snap chat. I asked her friend what was that about and I was told she is just trying to get free drinks the guy is ugly.

i just responded it's all good she is really pretty I'll take that as a compliment but deep inside I didn't like that at all!


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  • She doesn't know what she wants. It seems like she likes to get handouts from men. I think she ignores you, then talks to you because she does that with many guys. She may be playing the field since you said that she doesn't know what she wants. It all makes sense.

    • She told me she wasn't seeing anyone. I made it obvious I want to get to know her. Before we finally hung out everytime I we text or chat it's fun and when I asked her to go somewhere food or local concert she will stop texting and ignore me for a day it's weird. I know she was going to college and working. The day we hung out was after she went to graduation. So it felt good to know that when she finished school she wanted me to come hang out. This morning I text her good morning hope she has a good day and no reply nothing. This is the first time I ever text her in the morning

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    • I text her during the day saying lets get dinner when I get off work and she replied "yum!!" nothing after that and I never heard anything else wtf?

    • Last night I text her let's get dinner and she replied yum... That's it. So I left her alone and this morning I decided I don't really want to really keep playing around so I sent a playful text calling her out saying... Wow! You playing hard to get? Don't you think we're moving to fast Hun? We haven't even dated yet! She replied "lmao" and nothing after and I didn't reply to that I'm just going to let her make the next move and I'm not going to wait for long

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  • This girl is either immature, or is not quite right in the head. She may even be playing you. Avoid her!

    • Well while I was w her she would get text from guys and I asked about it her reply was she has a tooooooon of guy friends. Well she looks like the girl from Smallville she is super hot and that was my original red flag bc last super hot girl I pursued was the same ol all kinds of guys around wanting to bang