Is she leading me on or really loves me? Guys and girls help?

She says she loves me, we hang out and we have sex, but just 1 thing and im so confused-
On my social media page, i upload pics of her and me and she likes them and comments "i love u so much",
but on her social media page, she never uploads any pics of me and her, infact she doesn't even accept friend request of any of my friends.
Is she playing me on?

  • She is just playing you, if she really loved you she would have uploaded pics of you and her on her profile as well..
  • She loves you, don't think too much...
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  • Some people just don't like posting things themselves.. But don't mind being tagged in things. I'm like this, so that part isn't a big flag to me. Maybe she doesn't know your friends so she doesn't accept their requests, that's possible too. You should just ask her. If you have any mutual friends though, you should ask them whether or not they can see the photos of you two together on her profile. If she hid them then there's something weird going on.

    • She never ever uploads any pics of her and me together on her profile, and never accepts friend request from my friends.
      If i upload pics of her and me , she likes and comments "i love u so much" but in my profile i have all my friends and not even a single friend of hers.
      In her profile, she has her friends of real life and she never uploads any pic of me and her, maybe she is trying to hide that she has a boyfriend or ashamed of me?
      Do u think something is fishy? .

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    • She uploads loads of pics of her and her female friends but she never uploaded even a single pic of her and me. :\

    • I'm the same way lol.. there's no reason behind it other than the fact that I'm just more private on social media.

  • Don't base someone's feelings over something as insignificant as Facebook tags.

    • Its on instagram, her profile is private.
      If she loves me, why dont she make it known in her profile infront of her friends as well?

    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It's still insignificant and not worth it to dwell over. The whole world doesn't need to know your relationship business.

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