Why did he talk to me?

I arranged to meet a guy for friends with benefits situation.

what happened is that he talked to me for 4 hours before hand.

What does this mean? It was all about life, shared likes etc.

Why would you talk to a girl for this long?

I loved the conversation - don't get me wrong. It just took me surprise and now because o this I feel more connected to him when I really shouldn't be. Argghhh - life!


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  • He wants your heart, not your vagina.


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  • I think he is kinda interested in you, your likes and things about you. Not just sex. But I don't want you to assume so. You can maybe observe some more?

    • Thanks for the MHO! And by the way if you find out that he's interested in you hopefully you set aside the friends with benefits thing. Who knows, you're better off as lovers than friends with benefits.

    • I think I'm kind of interested in him - damn womanly hormones - fingers crossed it just progresses as it should. Thanks for the help :-)

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  • I guess he wanted someone to talk to and not just fuck. I think that kinda cute