Is she playing hard to get, crazy or uninterested?

Hey all, I was speaking to a girl I met on a dating app, I gave her my number and we hit it off. We texted a bit and then it just dropped off. Two nights later, she called me at about 1am, sent me some pretty revealing photos, kept trying to plan a first date and was even talking about a first kiss and stuff, she was full on, saying she loved my voice, saying how hot she thought I was and wanted more photos of me and wanted to see me badly, even discussing a second date before we've even met the first time etc. Not sure if she was drunk, I was so tired. Anyway, she said she'd call back in a minute after we'd been talking for 2 hours and didn't (relieving as I had to work the next day) I texted her the next morning and got no reply, I tried again that afternoon, no reply. I tried to call last night and got no answer, still haven't heard anything. She went from ultra interested straight away to disappearing literally overnight. I don't know if she's playing hard to get or what but she even sounded jealous asking if I'd been on other dates recently which I hadn't. I don't know what it is but it's driving me crazy! I'm hanging out to hear from her again, is this just some tactic or what? Any insight appreciated! Thanks y'all!

She also asked me if I wanted to have kids one day, I said yes at some point to which she replied that she wouldn't want to be with someone who didn't want them. Could this be a shit test to see if I'm interested? She had a first date planned and everything, it's just weird. Tried to call just now and it rang out again! I'll let it go for now, what's the chance it's a test? She was asking me why she likes me so much so early and stuff on the phone too?


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  • Sounds like she was drunk and lonely and being overly adventurous. I wouldn't count on hearing from her again unless it's 1 am and she's been drinking.

    • I would have thought so too, but in the couple of days before she was saying we should go on a date and she would plan something great, saying she wanted to meet me etc. surely she's not drunk 24/7!

  • I say crazy. Give her 3 dates somewhere in the next 2 weeks and say she can pick 1 to meet you at if she's interested. Meet at a public place. Also ask her to tell you honestly if she's not interested so you won't waste your time.
    Also tell her that if she doesn't reply before the last date has passed by, you take it as "not interested".

    This way you give her a last chance, you both know what the other wants no matter what she does and you know relatively soon whether you're wasting your time or not.


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