Guys, if a girl texted you and asked if you wanted to talk on the phone what do you do?

Let say you talked to this girl through texting for 3 months she asks if you want to talk on the phone what do you do?

In my case the guy just disappears.

(We met on a dating website he contacted me first!) we texted for 3 months I wanted to talk to him on the phone and actually hear his voice!


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  • Its real scary to give strangers your phone number but yea if you trust them enough then it's fine i guess.


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  • Another possibility is he may just not like talking on the phone. I hate it and avoid it as much as I can, and it doesn't matter who with, I just hate talking on the phone. I can't really explain why, just do.

  • well , 3 month and he didn't ask u to talk on the phone.
    it means he have a girlfriend and he dont wanna give u his num
    or he dont have a phone :D
    or he is she and didn't want u to find out

    i would talk to u in the phone right nw :D

    • Haha! Well, thank you!!! :) I have his number. I probably should've called him. But, I wanted to see if he really wanted to talk to me. It's probably too late to call him now because it's already been 2 weeks since I asked. And if he doesn't want to talk to me... i don't want to bug him or get my heart broken. that thought has crossed my mind about him being a she! 😂

    • yeah , maybe
      people are crazy :D
      plus how can a man chat with u for three months and never want to hear ur voice or talk to u
      or hear u laughing at his jokes
      i mean we didn't chat and , im already asking if u wanna talk D: :D

  • I would totally say yes to talking over the phone!

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