Is there any meaning if a guy gives you (the female) his number instead of taking your number upon first meeting them?

I always hear that if a guy really likes you, he'll take your number or exchange numbers with you.

But recently, I've also heard that a guy is not truly into you if he only gives you his number.

Is this crazy? What do you guys think? Weigh in below :D


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  • I always thought it was the better option. It seemed way more polite and sensible to offer one's number. But there are interpretations of both offering and asking that can mean more or less interest. Really just ask to exchange numbers whenever anyone asks or offers.

    If I give out a number then she can decide if she likes me and make contact later. If she doesn't like me then she doesn't have to do anything and we'll move on. This seems sensible to me; if you like someone give them your number.

    Asking for a number can have the pain of realizing you got a fake number because girls would sometimes rather just not have to deal with being direct. But I do see the appeal, if you get their number then essentially you can try forcing the conversation with someone who might not like you that much..

    If you want my interpretation it's that a guy giving you his number is more likely to like you, but it's difficult to know. Again, exchanging numbers is pretty good.

    • Really helpful. How long should I wait lol

    • Until you feel like texting/calling. Could be days, weeks or a matter of hours. Don't set silly time limits and schedules, if you want to text then just do it. :)

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  • No, it's the same thing.


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  • It's different, but if he gives you his number and it is his actual number, then he likes you. Duh. Otherwise, he wouldn't give it. It's that simple.

  • He's testing you to see if you have the ovaries to use his number.

  • Lol it means he want u to text him?


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