What to do if he won't text or call?

Alright, so I've been talking to this guy for a while now and we are getting along great. But I'm always the one who initiates conversation, via text, when we're apart. He has never texted me first. Does this mean he's not into me? Help Please!


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  • maybe he isn't into texting. try calling him (not everyday) and see what happens. if that doesn't work try not texting or calling him for a few days. you don't want to come across a needy.

  • it does not matter if you text first. guys like to play games sometimes or they just forget(they do that often)

    you could text him first and then the next day don't text him. hide your phone so you won't be tempted.

    with guys, you can never be certain if they like you for sure or not so don't worry about it:)