But see there was only one problem while his eyes was on me I had my eyes on someone else. Is love lost or do I still have a chance?

I've a guy friend that I've known a few years. At school he would hug me so tight he won't let go. He would always bother me, hangout with me & talk with me. When we talked on Facebook he would tell me 2 call him & would always tell me that he loves & misses me. He was always there 4 me & available. He asked me 2 kiss him but I blushed & politely declined. He asked me 2 be his girlfriend but I wasn't sure. He made it clear 2 me that he liked me;but while his eyes was on me I had my eyes on someone else. But he was still there & wanted me. He moved & I saw him once & he told me that missed me I told him I missed him 2, but his said "Yeah right" with a smile. I smiled as he walked away & never saw him again until a year later recently in March at my schools cook-out fair. I was working, but later able 2 get his number before he left. We talked that night & had a good conversation. He told me that I never checked 4 him & I told him that I did & that the last time I called him his grandmother said that he wasn't home & after that I lost his number. While texting we asked each other questions & one of his questions 2 me was Did ever like me I told him yeah but I didn't want 2 ruin our friendship (I lied) I think he was a little hurt by that because he replied Wow get. He also told me that I use 2 push him away when he wanted 2 talk 2 me, but only because I was scared of getting hurt. Days into talking I told him why I push he away & he said oh with the side tear emoji. But later that night I told him goodnight and 4 the first time in talking back he called me love & boo. I could feel that he's not as in love with me like before. He rarely texts me first as much as he use 2 & I'm always starting the conversation but he replies. Recently I think I might have pushed him away because I sent him a luv poem I wrote & he seen that text but never replied. I was also suppose 2 send him dessert that I'm baking but I don't know because we haven't talked. Is luv lost or still there?

Do I still have a chance?


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  • Paragraphs would help in future :)
    Really no way to know whats going on. He could simply be fed up you stringing him along. He could be thinking you're still not clear about him or just saying it you like him. Maybe he got his eyes on someone else and thinking its time to move on. There is no way to be sure, except you ask him clearly.

    Just be blunt, get a straight answer and that's it. No way to be 100% sure if he is still interested or love is lost.


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  • He is probably starting to lose interest.

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