Losing interest?

I have been going out with my boyfriend for a year and some months now. I love him to death and he is very important to me but whenever he calls me or and recently when I am with him, he is always with his friends and family like I sometimes don't mind it but recently it been like that all the time, like damn am I wrong that I want him all to myself? I personally think I am his last priority after his family, friends, smoking, and drinking. I just don't know what to do. And I know I am a queen and I should be treated like one, and I can be a little bit too much sometimes but am I overreacting?

Am 19
He is 22


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  • "And I know I am a queen and I should be treated like one." No, you aren't. I'm all for self-esteem, but damn. He should care about you and treat you well, but he should not worship you like a queen. No guy will, nor should they.

    You've been with him for a year. It's normal for him to want to spend more time with his friends and family every now and then.

    • I didn't mean that to be cocky or whatever but I do know my worth. And he is there with his family all the time we don't live together at all and I don't see him at times. " now and then " ? How would you like it if your girlfriend calls you and leave you on the phone for two hours smoking with his family and friends all the time that she calls just to say she misses you and go back to smoking and puts you on hold and you guys don't talk the whole entire time?

    • She wouldn't do that because I wouldn't tolerate it. But I obviously have a different set of standards than you do. I wouldn't date anyone who "smokes" at all. If my girlfriend doesn't have her act together and doesn't enhance my life, she won't stay in it very long.

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  • If you think you're his last priority, you should definitely discuss it with him.