Are some guys just not into texting?

my boyfriend rarely texts me...

he calls me, but doesn't text first.

I'm a huge texting person, but do you think it's better for our relationship to talk on the phone?

i would like to talk to him more often...

should I talk to him about this?

i don't wanna be that nagging girlfriend who just wants to talk all the time...


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  • I've only ever owned one cell phone, that's long gone by now, and I've never once sent a text message. I'd much rather talk in person, or if that can't be done, hear the persons voice over the phone. Texts are too impersonal to me, and can cause issues that would not arise if you could hear the other persons voice and gauge their intent along with the words. If he calls you, I'd just be happy about that, and not get your panties in a twist over him not texting first.

    • I don't have my panties in a twist. I'm just curious as to how many guys REALLY enjoy texting?

      i tend to over analyze things -- and this is one of them.

      things I feel are silly to ask a boy I ask on here...

      but I appreciate your response!

      and our relationship is great so far....just little things I tend to sweat over....

    • No problem. And that's just a phrase I use for not letting it get to you. As in don't sweat the small stuff=P I say it to men too lol

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  • i relly hate txtin jst but I do it to make my girlfriend happy

  • my voicemail says: "im busy, leave a message and I'll call you back... oh and don't text me, cause that's gay"


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  • This dude I'm seeing right now, is a workaholic with a cell-phone-phobia. He h8ts texting, he doesn't like calling all the time, and he lives 4 friggin hours away from where I live.


  • i think there are some boys that just aren't texters haha my boyfriend was the most boring texter when we first met but then he said that he started liking me more so now he's better at it haha but my best friend and her boyfriend like..he is the worst texter...he loves talking to her so they talk on the phone but in texts he's always like "yeah" "good" "cool" but in person he's super fun! so your boy must not like texting should ask him! :) oh..and I've heard boys say "i never text people unless they text me first"..its a guy thing I guess...ha

    • That's a good point.

      my boyfriend only texts one or 2, maybe even one sentence replies.

      that helped. thanks. :)