Is this the best way to judge a woman's feeling for a guy?

She is girlfriend of guy A and meets him in simple t-shirt and jeans.

She does these things when she is expecting to meet guy B -
- Hair straighten
- Nails done
- Best clothes

She says she loves guy A but whats the reality? please help me

  • She loves guy A from heart.
  • She loves guy B from heart.
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  • She doesn't love either lmao.


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  • She is comfortable with her boyfriend, that's why she doesn't put much effort in her looks around him. The way she looks like around other people has nothing to do with who she likes. We don't dress nice to impress others, we do it for ourselves.

  • She has feelings for guy B bt maybe when u met her she felt to dress simple that day

    • Im guy A, dont you think it clearly shows that her interest in me is going down?

    • Yes I think so

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