I asked a girl into a secret relationship and she said maybe is this good or bad?

Hey I am 14 and my parents won't let me date. Anyway this past week I told a girl I liked and she said she liked me back. Then a few days later I asked her into a secret relationship because neither of us are allowed to date. She said maybe and I can't figure out of this si good or bad. I told her just to think about it and she said it is the only thing she can think about. I need help figuring out if the maybe is good or bad. I know that she has been in a secret relationship before too. While I have never been in one. Thanks!


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  • ... I know that she has been in a secret relationship before...
    Perhaps with her 'She said maybe,' Learn from the Best of the rest that She already has been down that Road and probably is not into traveling it Again, And is being polite because she doesn't want to hurt you by Saying... It's a dead End.
    You might find a girl who is willing to risk it All but believe me, It's not a Ball when you have to Sneak and Tweak... Getting grounded is not a Blast from my Past.
    It's Best from the Rest to just stay friends with Anyone and make things light and Semi Sweet to play it Safe until you can Date.
    Good luckxx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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    • She went and told people we were dating...

    • Ohh, I see... Well, she is probably excited and is opening up a can of sticky worms with more words.. Let us hope tha tit stays within the school walls..
      Have a talk with her soon. xx

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  • She ain't into you bro.
    The best you can do now is - walk away, tell her you want her and if she changes her mind then let you know. and you walk away.


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  • Just make sure to delete this from your browser history if your parents have access to whatever you're using :P. I say whatever go for it if she's up for it :).

  • its bad man