Do I seem hard to get or am I not attractive?

My mom tells she shed take my body shape over my sisters any day, she's very petite. Im short too, I just have thicker arms, and bigger sides, I say they're love handles but she didn't think so. My sister gets a lot of guy attention. I don't in real life but I do online. But in person I've never even been approached in person. This is bothering me.
She gets messaged on Fb a lot, I have a mylol. Yet again if I were cute maybe I'd get messaged on insta. I'm concerned. What if I'm actually ugly and my mom is lying. :/
I don't wanna be lied to.


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  • Hard to get, is more like lack of socializing


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  • If you do not like certain things about yourself, you should work on changing them.


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  • No pics OP.. Can't really give you an answer.

  • You're perfect fam.

  • You shouldn't think of yourself as "hard to get" that comes off as very narcissistic and demeans any guy that might become interested as someone who has to prove himself. Dating is not about making a guy prove himself. It's about mutual attraction and mutual effort and thus mutual respect.

    • I don't. I just was wondering if that was the case

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