What is the meaning of love?

Too many people have different meanings to this question but the reason i ask this simple question that really isn't that simple is because talking to my best friend about relationships we asked each other what is love? And we couldnt answer the question. I've been in a few relationships, one that was 5 years and she has been in one that was 2 years long and we just can't answer that "simple" question


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  • It's just an emotion.


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  • just to say people speak 'love is something that make you do crazy things when you are in it'. Some say love is blind, what is it exactly no one knows until you feel it. Still everyone tries to speaks about it they use Romeo and julliet to symbolize them. Is love just a cover which is used to hide the human lust. Or it is something that makes us really different from animals. Some say you can spend eternity in it. Whatever it is I am not sure of it cause I do not know if I every did felt, am feeling or will feel it. But one thing i am sure of it is used by some people as shield to save themselves, some people create deception in its name to fulfill their hidden agenda, some people let it go or sometime push it away as they know it will only bring destruction and misery to both or either one of them, whatever it is one thing I found on my theory of love that it is not an inspiration, you will never find it in stories or biography of others it is not a lesson you can get in textbook or website or a preaching that can be found in any religions holy texts. You will not find it anywhere outside because it is inside you. Since, there are no words in which they can describe it they failed no matter how many words they tried to cover in it , it's can only be felt, felt when someone put its need above your needs when someone is ready to take the punishment and pain of any level for you. When someone is ready to put its very own existence in danger if there is chance that it will spare your life.
    Bottom line - LOVE Is a necessary misunderstanding between 2 people, which helps both of them kill the insecurity, by going blind, which they have been facing since they hit puberty or ended up their last relationship.- PHILOSOPHY

    economists - LOVE Is like a lone that you layer pay with hatred to each other for the rest of your life.. If you break up its interest rate is like simple interest...
    And if you marry.. It's like paying a compound interest loan.. Interest rate bumps up by a lot..
    The later you divorce the more you loose..


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  • Google says its "Strong feelings of affection"
    But I feel it is wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person

  • Saving me the last 7 slices of pizza.