What are some strange things girls do that you find attractive?

Guys and gay/bi girls can answer ((:


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  • Oh man, If i start to answer this... I'm gonna start getting butterflies just thinking about one girl. I better get some thumbs up for this because I love talking about what gives me butterflies.

    I mean... ahh... it's so refreshing when a girl smiles and just randomly giggles when looking at me. I always ask:"what?" and they always say something like "nothing you're just cute that's all" and then i just melt if thats the case. Omg, i love when girls just grab my bicep and start pinching it with their hand cuz its bigger than their arm and they sit their all like "oh shit wtf?" and i giggle cuz i get a macho moment to show off but im totaallly flattered that she's like mesmerized by the tone. I also love when girls sniff my when we're cuddling and they make remarks about how my skin and cologne combination should be illegal to smell this good. It makes me blush and giggle but they start smelling your neck, your chest, and then kiss you when you least expect it. I like when girls try to act tough on me and get a "manly voice" and pretend to be the hulk in bed, and grab a pillow and im just like... lol... you're so weird, get off me, im trying to watch game of thrones. hahahaha !

    I like when girls are paying attention to what im doing and then when i look at them, they pretend they werent watching and then talk to their friends and move along while giggling about me. Especially considering I usually catch up with them and ask what's the deal ! Sorta same as first thing I wrote I guess. haha.

    I don't know girls do lots of weird things... this isn't really strange list I guess, more like little quirks and cute things they do thats unexpected sometimes. But i like when a girl starts talking about something that passions them, their voice gets higher and higher as they explain their frustration and im wondering when she's gonna catch a breath, and then after the story is done, they gasp for air, im like... you could've breathed this entire time... hahahah <3.

    Strange, I like catching a girl pushing out her stomach randomly looking at herself to see how "fat" or pregnant like they can get. Then I catch em off guard and I ask "LOL... what are you doing?" and they start giggling and laughing and stutter their speech cuz they know explaining won't exactly make the situation any better.

    I guess im done. Hopefully i get a good vibe from whoever read this. Its not the strangest things girls do but it gives me a good laugh when i catch actions like this. Cheers, stay lovely!

  • existing.

  • Cracking/poping her toes. Lol

  • Have big boobs, long legs, skinny/fit baha

    • not exactly strange/unusual - apparently that's all that matters then

    • I meant girlfriend not banker

  • Gays can't be attracted to women.

    • a gay girl you moron

    • We call them a lesbian you cock head.

    • you can say both fs i call myself gay and i'm a girl

  • A female could have the flu, be sitting on the couch in her pajamas with a blanket on blowing her nose and still be drop dead gorgeous.

    • clearly haven't seen me with the flu jesus christ

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