Long distance. No calls. Is he even alive? What do I do?

he (33yo) used to contact me (21yo) at least once a week, tell me cute things, and say he likes me though we are not in a official relationship and live in different country ( we used to live so close, but currently I'm in an exchange program)

This guy saddenly turned really cold after we called last time (a month ago). When we called, I told him I was going back for the break and he was really excited and asked my schedule to meet up. I thought he just wanted some space and got cold, which was totally fine. That's guy's thing. When we get closer, they want space, but come back for even closer relationship.

But he hasn't call me for a month even though I've been giving him so obvious cues to tell him I want a call. So I asked him, 5 DAYS AGO, when are you available? Him: tonight is okay. Me: oh nice! For me too:)
He hasn't read my text yet. STILL. Next day, I called him, but he didn't answer. I texted him, can you call me when you're back? But still he doesn't even look at it. What is going on? He's just ignoring me because I've been needy? What do I do?


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  • It's over move on

  • Maybe he is busy. Tell him you are worried and just want to know he is safe


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