My hookup came over just to cuddle? Repeatedly mentions wanting to go to dinner with me?

Long story short, my hookup came over one night at like 3am even though he knew my roommate's boyfriend was sleeping in the room too (aka we wouldn't be hooking up) just to cuddle with me. Since then, he's mentioned three times that he wants to go to this particular restaurant with me. The first time it didn't seem serious, the second time it did but we moved home for summer shortly after and it didn't happen, and then he texted me saying he wants to do it when we get back to school.

Do you think he's interested in more than hooking up? (poll)

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  • Yes, very much yes. Seems like he may need your help to move things along that way tho.

    • Is it bad that that date didn't happen yet? Obviously it can't right now, we live so far from each other, but is it bad that it didn't happen when he mentioned it the first two times (with no specific time/day given)?

    • Ya that is confusing you just gotta talk and sort through that stuff with him, good luck

    • Any tips to push him along? I mean I've already agreed to the dinner all three times lol

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  • hell yeah