Why do you call a girl "Honey"?

Last night I was sleeping over at my guys house... We hasn't really called each other boyfriend or girlfriend yet but I he woke me up and saw that I had no blanket or pillow so he said, "Oh honey, here's a blanket.." And wraps the blanket on me and puts the pillow under my head. It was so cute... Why would he call me honey but not
his girlfriend yet? We've been dating for about 5 months.


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  • Nothing special about it. I call girls I date honey, sweetie etc.


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  • i dont think this is a huge deal. heaps of people just do it casually, i do that sometimes too unconsciously. it's common in our culture.
    we use love, dear, honey, darling... quite a bit, but yeah it's not to be taken as affection in that instance.

    since he is ur guy though, whether he's dating u or not, he means that in an affectionate way and i think that's okay.