Girls, Do you talk weird/ nonsense stuff, when you are nervous around a random guy?

So I met this random girl in class at college. She was nice and seemed friendly.

She teamed up as my lab partner in Micro-biology, so we had to design experiments together. She would stare at me a lot and sometimes smile shyly. We NEVER talked anything except for the experiments.

After knowing her for 3-4 weeks at practicals, one day she out of the blue tells me how she didn't feel well (having cramps and nauseous) a week ago. She looks deeply into my eyes while saying it. It was a feeling giving me a slight shiver.

I thought it was weird , since she started to talk about that topic.

She sort of awaited a response, so I said , " Maybe you should check with a doctor".

For that she replied, " I went with my boyfriend ".

I was like "Cool" and then talked about some practical stuff and left.

I met her again a few days later and she had a smile when she saw me and i smiled back and I kept on walking. ( I had class).

So I don't understand why she had to complain about her sickness and then mention her boyfriend...


  • YES, I talk such weird stuff when I am sexually attracted to the random guy, but at the same time I have a boyfriend.
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  • YES, I talk such weird stuff when I am sexually attracted to the random guy, but have no intention to date or have sex.
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  • I am NOT nervous when I talk such weird stuff. I just talk openly with any random guy.
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  • YES, I talk such weird stuff when I am nervous around random guys I have NO sexual attraction for.
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  • Some other reason. I will give my own opinion below.
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  • Actually i don't care , how weird i am with a random stranger.
    I can talk without nervousness if i am comfortable with that stranger.
    it's just matter of bonding. :)

    • Thanks :) If you are comfortable with a random stranger, does that mean you like him in some way?

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    • so girls think shy guys are arrogant?

    • not everyone.
      My boyfriend can be insensitive , he won't listen , he will walk away sometimes if topic is not of his interest ( with other girls).
      So that's y most girl think he is arrogant (including my friend , who had crush on him).

      Just imagine , if a shy guy who actually listens won't be considered as an arrogant guy by girls. :)

  • When I'm attracted to a guy awkwardness abounds! But I'd never talk about something personal like that.

    • Thanks :) So how would you talk awkward?

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    • No I haven't

    • Thank you so much for your patience. Good luck :))

  • Honestly, I just laugh too much. Everything seems to be so funny. And I like stumble on my sentences but not really random things like that. I do know girls who do that tho, they just are so taken away they can't talk

    • Thanks :) Give me an example of how you would stumble on your sentence?

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    • I really don't get what you are asking? Do you know what being judgmental means?

    • yes I do I guess. But an example of a judgmental comment a guy told you?